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I got the 4.3 update recently, this workaround is no longer needed on the xperia v. Please stop giving the app one star ratings if it is you who do not understand the tool.

This is a small app aimed primarily at the Xperia V with <= 4.1.2 on it but I'll include the other Sony devices in case the behavior is similar on other products.

The app is a "Small App" which appears in the Small App tray accessed by pressing the Recents button. Then, while in a phone call in speakerphone mode, press the Recents button and load the app. Done!

The app engages the internal loudspeaker during speakerphone mode (aka Handsfree, Handheld hands-free, Hand-held hands free, HHHF, etc). The V does not always route the Rx audio to the internal loudspeaker and instead leaves it routed to the receiver/ ear piece/ etc. The HFWSA attempts to reroute the incoming audio signal to the internal speaker.

Here is some text that http://developer.sonymobile.com/knowledge-base/sony-add-on-sdk/small-app-api/ would have me include: "[ SmApEx4SoPr ] Small Apps extension for Sony products".

I got the icon from iconfinder.com and it was made by Matthew Inman - http://matthewinman.com/ .

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