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Little Apple Games presents:
Looking for a non-violent fun family game? Catch the Pearl: Fish Story is exactly what you need, your kids will love it and you’ll be their HERO for finding a wonderful fish adventure Arcade game! Try it. Hero tiny - sea adventure.

Meet Cody, a cute red tropical fish that must collect pearls at all cost. His fish friends have been captured and the only way to unlock and bring them back is by

collecting all the pearls.

he possibly can. While he is very agile and quickly gets the pearls, his house is always surrounded by malicious and menacing sea creatures: cold-blooded sharks, stingy jellyfish, fast rays and evil pearl-stealing minions. The slightest touch of an enemy and Cody will lose all his pearls. This is a tough task for a happy fish, even a brave one, will you help him collect pearls and save his friends?

Catch the Pearl: Fish Story has two game modes so it can be played by children either in a single player mode or a 2 player mode where the device screen is split in two. The game is ideal for wonderful family time as two players (i.e. kid vs. parent) can play in the same time. The game doesn’t contain any violence at all so kids will love every moment of this

fun fish story.

adventure, accompanied by a ukulele soundtrack in a beautiful aquatic environment filled with sea plants, rocks and shells.

Here are the features that make this game a perfect choice for Arcade fans of all ages:

✔ Fun 2D Arcade Gameplay..

Very easy gameplay suitable for children aged 2 - 6 (or older). Just tap in the direction where Cody should go and collect all the pearls before time runs out. Hurry and deposit the pearls in the fish house to avoid losing them when the sharks, jellyfish or other creatures.

✔ Non-Violence Family Game..

This is mainly a family game suitable for children of all ages (though the 2-6 age span is our recommendation). It doesn't contain any violence and has cute graphics/sounds plus an easy-to-start gameplay.

✔ Multiple Cheerful Levels..

With each fish you can play 30 different levels and there are 25 unlockable fish species. Each game level requires a number of pearls to be collected for advancing to the next one. As the level changes, new enemies show up (from insidious rays to despicable minions).

✔ Mysterious Bonus Stages..

In each level you can collect objects dropped by tourists. Once you pick such an object you can teleport yourself to the bonus level, a dark part of the ocean filled with coins and black pearls. Beware though, there are mines that make you drop the collected pearls.

✔ Fish & House Upgrades..

You must collect apple-marked coins and use them to purchase upgrades. The fish safe-house can be upgraded (there are currently 14 different house types) to allow faster pearl collecting. Using the coins you can also unlock 25 different species of fish - from Nemo-like clown fish to anglerfish.

✔ Experience Points..

At the end of a level you’ll also get experience points that can be used to permanently improve 3 elements: the experience points dropped by pearls, the probability of getting bonuses orthe probability of getting coins.

✔ Power-ups..

Your fish will receive bonuses that act as power-ups. The first available one is the accelerator (double-tap to rocket swim), then you can stop the angry opponents for a moment (with the alarm clock), shield yourself (resist to attacks without dropping pearls) and many others.
Try it. Hero tiny - sea adventure.

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