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Classic Bubble Shooter in a festive atmosphere. You must shoot at least 3 balls of the same color.
In the game you must score the most points.
There are 2 levels of difficulty:
- Toddler - for the youngest children - rows of balls will not lower, you have to shoot all the balls
- Kids - from slipping rows of balls every few rows is the next level and lower rows faster and faster - in addition to collect as many points as you must to survive.
- Simple interface buttons: Pause, play, return to the menu, changing the color of the ball
- No arcade mode
Game Features:
- A game intended for children, teens, adults and grandparents and grandmothers, the preferred age range for players is 4 years old to 104 years
- Each game mode features several sets of balls
- Normal mode is a bubble shooter using balls with beautiful patterns
- Mode of kids for kids and all those who enjoy entertainment in a colorful and fun children's housing, we offer here a few sets of colored balls with funny symbols (eg. Reindeer / caribou changing balls (bubbles), Santa Claus in a red cap, snowman snow in a green cap and scarf, reindeer similar to elk, not at all angry bird - penguin in a red scarf, pan cake, Christmas tree - decorated Christmas tree, snowflakes, stars, red sleigh)
- The entire game is setting winter and Christmas, which did not bother to play it all year round, sweet, candy artwork fits perfectly with the winter background
- In the background snowing
- Christmas game: Bubble Shooter was developed as a simple and not complicated game for children, teens and adults, which will allow you to sit down to play and dedicate her only a few minutes in line or waiting for someone
- The entire game is setting winter and Christmas, which did not bother to play it throughout the year, including spring, summer and autumn
- Very relaxing shooting balls / bubbles / bubbles, simply target the and shoot, destroy the bubbles of the same color to earn points for the smashed colored bubbles, discover great joy - fret tiny animals / pets
- This deluxe version of the game Bubble Shooter is completely free
- Classic Bubble Shooter modeled on the best of this type of game from the old days - egg sucker, there is an arcade game only continuous and increasingly rapid pace of the game
In the game there are additional elements to help and disturbing:
- Shoot in sweets and when you hit you will get bonus points.
- Shoot the gingerbread / master cake as a reward you'll get bonus options skip / next ball.
- Shoot the elf / gnome / elf will get a lot of extra bonus points but for a few seconds, you will need it the hard way, it will be very difficult, it is a real challenge.
You can also get a snowball from the boy in the cap, clever rogue throws snowball, which obscures the view - unless you'll be the first!
- Festive atmosphere, sweet candy graphics
- A lot of nice Christmas music and sounds sympathetic
- Colored pictures
- Special balls for the kids and a toddler level

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