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Games Christmas Gift Clicker is a simple game perfect to pass the time. Do you love the atmosphere of Christmas? Or maybe you feel dissatisfied after the birthday gifts? Then Clicker games smash hit gift is for you.
· The aim of the game is to get the highest possible level. The one who reaches the last level will get a reward championship medal for the best Rough paper presents;)

· Games Christmas Gift Clicker is a game of action odstresowującym. The player only has to click, Tapac, crush and strike a gift. Only so much and so much need in order to perform tasks and reach the next level.

· To gain new levels Clicker Games Christmas Gift enough to fill an asterisk

· With each click in the background appear colorful balloons. These complement a birthday or Christmas atmosphere. Pęknij an adequate number of appropriately colored balloons to get a reward in the form of additional points per click.

· Fill the bar gifts at the bottom and win a random prize from one of three groups:

- Fruit (eg. Apple, banana, fruit juice, yoghurt): double click value for a specified time

- Toys (toy car, ball, guitar, pads) sticks level

- Candy (lollipop, candy, chocolate, cake, ice) extra damage for gifts

· Shop you buy improvements, increases the value of your clicks

· Shop: Create your team happy Christmas characters that will give you the DPS (damage per second)

- Of all the Christmas characters that you can rent in the store several of them lands on the desktop and they will support you emotionally and spiritually (Mr. cookies, Santa Claus, midfielders Claus, fairy)

· Among the additives that are purchased in the store, in addition to the wonderful Christmas party members are also incredible magic items such as gloves wife of Santa Claus or Christmas socks.

· Shop with bonuses: infra red and improve bonuses (eg. More candy, or extended duration bonuses)

Remember to be the greatest master Christmas Gift Clicker Games and get a medal, simply click. Together with his team of heroes of Christmas reaches new levels of clicks - thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, billions and much, much more.
Join us and become a joyful clicker gifts. No matter whether it is presen birthday or Christmas present under the Christmas tree. You have to Tapac, click squeeze to open it.

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