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Little apple presents

Jumping fish: Catch the pearl is a game for children, teens and adults. How to play our game story:
1. Fish jumps and runs all the time forward (press the screen with your finger over the water - the fish will jump to the top, tap / pop / click on the screen below the water line - fish dives down, dash)
2. Remember the laws of physics - plan your moves: the fish jump over the same surface, and then plunge into the shallow
3. collect gold coins - the coins you buy new characters and new fish and new maps / stages
4. Collect colored pearls - exchange them for gold coins of 50 points = 1 gold coin (yellow pearls give 1 point, red pearls give 3 points, black pearls give 5 points)
7. Jump, dive, dash, run as fast as possible, set the distance record for each of the happy heroes (played by the beautiful colorful fish and a snail)
8. The game is difficult, every few meters increases the speed of the game
9. Share records on everyplay, facebook, youtube, tweeter (post your gameplay)
10. Amazing water physics, the happy hero doing jump - water ripples and splashes. In a word, tap your finger is a fish out of water ...

Here are all the heroes of the game Jumping fish: Catch the pearl. Each of these happy animals has its own history:
1. Cody - small, yellow and red fish that crazy about pearls (buy one bonus points for pearls)
2. Ori Gami - fish with paper from Japan, likes pearls, but her passion is swimming fast, dash and run
3. Bolt - sympathetic fatso from the depths, loves gadgets and accessories, has a shiny teenager on his head, he loves to jump and dash at night
4. Sucker - happy fish from the southern seas, he got lockjaw funny, and now all the while doing spout. He loves to jump very high
5. Snail Bob. All my life heard that he is a wimp. In the end, he had enough. He decided to prove to themselves and others, how hard is played. He bought a used rocket, he said propeller and went to meet adventures

Unlock all the characters and all the levels, beat records of distance Jumping fish: Catch the pearl - Record gameplay and share your records
Jumping fish: Catch the pearl is a story about being the best, it is a story about the search for adventure and meet the desires of victory. Each of our heroes is hungry, hungry for adventure, pearls and coins. Each of our happy fish wants to records.

Plan hero jumping to avoid obstacles. Let the fish / Snail Bob will collect as many gold coins and pearls.

Jumping fish: Catch the pearl is a game not only for children, young people, but also for adults. Our heroic fish and snail Bob are happy when they collect pearls and coins. They are happy when appends them luck, avoid the pirates, monsters, bomb. They are happy when they jump, they make a big splash, dash, break records.
Jumping fish: Catch the pearl is a difficult and challenging game that provides plenty of great entertainment. We even have your own monster - Kraken (in the role - octopus George).

available levels

1. Classic - opponents: motor boat, cruise ship, octopus, underwater mines, surfer falls from time to time in advance bomb
2. Pirate - opponents: pirate ships, sunken ships, sunken cannon / running, barrels, ship, sharks, giant octopus like Kraken (a monster from the bottom of the sea)
3. Prehistoric - opponents: Monsters Dinosaurs, primitive people on rafts, eggs dinosaur, pterodactyl, a falling meteorite, underwater volcanoes

Available in bonuses game
1. Four-leaf clover - increasing the number of points accumulated pearls
2. Shield - at the moment gives the total resistance
3. Wings - the hero descends slowly glide down !! Remember, press on the water, the fish quickly falls into the water making a splash
4. Magnet blue and red - pulls pearls on fish
5. Magnet red black - pushes pearls from fish
6. Hypnosis - reverses level, in fact, makes the hero of the game, it goes to the other side
7. Poison - poisoned fish, then she can not catch pearls and gold coins

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