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Memory game for kids free game memories - "Games For Kids Memory Children"

Games for kids Memory Children - Up to 240 images to come and discover
Games for kids Memory Children - Up to 120 actual sounds in four categories
Games for kids Memory Children - 8 topics picture:
animals 1 - the house and the forest (eg. a cat, a small horse, not a bad bird, dog, bee, frog)
animals 2 - wild (eg. kong monkey, bear, panda, dolphin, snake)
tools and household appliances (eg. Alarm clock, clock, hammer, saw)
instruments (drum, guitar, piano, organ)
toys (ball, car, robot, a small rocking horse, puzzles)
fruit (coconut, apple, banana, strawberry)
vegetables (potatoes, cabbage, peppers, pumpkin)
transport (bus, airplane, motorcycle, sports car, a space rocket)
Games for kids memory game are:
- 4 audio themes: (after the discovery of the correct pairs hear the actual sound of the animal or object that is on the pictures)
animals - house and forest,
animals - wild,
tools and household appliances,

The game rules are very simple. The child has the task to reveal the two images to find the pair. The sooner your child discover all the pairs, the more you will receive the reward of stars and images.

Basic features children's games Memory Game Memory:
- "Memory Sound" (in single game) - the child adapts to a pair of images with sounds - to a toddler could play a child needs to get all the stars in the game
- Collection - from the menu, you can go to the section in which the collection shows all the pictures already acquired. Baby sound when you press on the pictures to hear the sound of this image. Many children with attention will listen to the sounds of various animals (known to them, and these unknown).
- Languages - options to choose from: English, German, Polish, Spanish, French
- Different levels of difficulty (other times inverted image)
- Reset stars and images: available in options

Memory for kids memory game has 2 modes of play:
- "Arcade game" career mode - each of the topics has 9 levels to beat, each level has different spacing of the images on the board. At the beginning of the child receives the 3 pairs of images which takes the first level. For each level, depending on the accuracy in finding pairs of baby receives from 1 to 3 stars and be between 1 - 3 images. All images owned participate in subsequent games.
- "Single game" singles - the possibility of a single game before gameplay choose the topics and the size of boards which are generated subsequent boards. Participation in the game take pictures that have been acquired in the arcade game.

Kids Games - Memory Game
This is a version of the classic board game memory type for children. Game developed to provide a lot of fun. The main objective of the game is mental development of the child through play.
This addictive game is practicing memory skills of children of all ages. Designed specifically for children aged 3 years old, 4 year old and 5 year old. Memory game for children has a positive effect on concentration and perception.
Development and education while having fun are our priorities. The child listens to the actual sounds that seem to animals and tools and musical instruments.

After installing the memory game for children do you give your child:
- A game that develops memory, concentration and observation of your child
- A game that will stimulate your child's curiosity and develop the skills in presenting his knowledge of animals from all over the world, various tools and household appliances, instruments, vegetables, fruits, toys and vehicles
- The game thanks to which your child will recognize a lot of things in the environment sowim
- The game specifically designed for the child's cognitive development, expanding its perception of both visual and auditory perception
- The game specifically designed for toddlers: beautiful colorful pictures and background color chosen by our designers in such a way that they are the most clear and crisp for children

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