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Presented game port 2048 is our great puzzle game created by Gabriele Cirulli. Our version is not small in terms of file size. Our main goal was to present to you in 2048 that dominant design a super nice music and excellent graphics enrich your game.
Choosing our classic puzzle game you get 2048 for adults, grandparents and even a game for children (version of the game with pictures of toys).

2048 allows mathematical puzzle to train your mind to think logically. Great effect on the brain. Puzzle game gives you a lot of entertainment and is the best workout for the mind. We We caused that 2048 looks beautiful. Very nice great rips animated background of a specially selected music.

In addition to the game mode for adults are also showing a second mode - kids. This does not mean that they play it only children. Take the challenge and become the champion in 2048, even if you see a toy instead of numbers. For the player who reaches the 2048 title is a reward - a cup. Winning the cup in normal mode does not end the game.

We present a puzzle game with well-graphic elements, melodic audio support. It is a game developed to provide entertainment for you and your baby - a game for everyone from 4 years to 100 years!

How to play:
Call the same number or pictures. Get the number 2048 to get a cup champion. And then try to get an even higher score in the "normal".
Slide your finger across the screen to the left, right, up and down to move the puzzle with numbers around.
When two plates with the same number will be next to each other, then merge into a single puzzle. For example, 2 + 2 = 4 or 1024 + 1024 = 2048
When you discover the plate 2048 player wins! 8 .. 16 ... 1024 .. 2048, etc.

In the "kids" game is that in order to move the tiles with pictures.
When the child connects two of the same images they create another image.
  MASTER 2048 game logic game has 2 modes:
-Normal - Combining numbers for each. After winning the championship (2048), you can play on.
- Children - pictures of toys. Child during the game sees a picture if discovered and how many photos are still to be discovered (in the form of shadows). When a child discovers the last shadow of him now it remains only to discover a picture with the trophy (equivalent to 2048 in normal mode)
Our master puzzle game in 2048 - has a classic 4x4 board.

2048 Game Features:
- Sophisticated and nice graphics (animated background, nice and smooth animations puzzles)
- Each mode has its own soundtrack
- Simple interface
- 2 game modes to different players age (silent animation in normal mode, colored background in the "children".
- The game is saved automatically (the highest score earned the highest number)
- Countdown game
- No undo option to make it harder for every choice is
This game is a challenge to our mind!

2048 The game is a great exercise for your mind, you can:
- Development of Memory
- Improved concentration
- The development of abstract thinking
- Development of strategic thinking
- Affects the development of the intellect

Our application:

• does not contain links to social networks

• Does not contain any purchases in the application

• does not collect any personal data

• has a small amount of advertising compared to other games, this is our way to fund free access to the application.

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