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The wheels of the bus go round ... The game for young children

Important! The game WITHOUT VIOLENCE !!

This funny song loved by children before kindergarten, and for older children is the leitmotif of our simple game.

Our game is aimed at children aged 2 years old, 3 years old, 4 years old, 5 years old. From our tests show that children older than 6 years also willing to reach for this fun game for kids. During the tests many times have we heard also from adults testers that cracking, crushing, touching sweets and balloons are engrossing.

Beautiful red cheerful bus carrying passengers. Coming jumps up on the road. On the back of the bus billows of smoke. Color changing background when the vehicle is moving.

Even so, the best thing is that behind the little red bus dislodged beautiful colorful little candy, small cakes, nice shapes - critters and balloons.
Touch candies, balloons shapes and then they burst. Drag your finger across the screen when you cut it like a ninja.

Touch, break, crush balloons you lose heart. Catch the heart and regain one life.
For crushing objects to earn points until you lose all the hearts.

Touch, intersect and collect crystals. With crystals toddler will be able to unlock more scenery along which moves the bus.

The game has been thought in this way to learn by playing. Apart from the obvious exercise coordination and precision child learns the logical consequences of their choices and decisions. Touch a passing bird, see what happens, tap the sunshine, wybuchnij balloon and see what will happen after the big boom.

For the batter, crush, destroy candy in the suit is a reward. When you hit a certain number of candies, cookies, shapes - creatures of the color, so color will appear on the rainbow.

The game wonderfully suited for children. Children aged 2 and 3 years old will have lots of fun with just looking at ridiculously riding the bus. Younger children, under the age of 5 and 6 years old, love the song wheels of the bus go round ...

This game is also a lot of fun entertainment for the older siblings and parents. Toddlers have a very developed sense of observation and having a great time spending time with parents or grandparents watching interactive video where you can burst, destroy candies, shapes and balloons which triggers a lot of funny sounds.

How to play:
- You have a certain amount of hearts number of lives
- Behind the bus shoot colored items - candy, cookies, nice shapes - creatures, balloons
- Crush, cut, touch, fret, destroy, tap tap, pop pop up from behind the vehicle items and get points for it
- When you destroy the balloon you lose a life
- Grab the heart to recharge your life
- P?knij, tap the balloon smiling and as a reward you will get a lot more points
- Collect crystals and explore new landscapes bus

Lots of fun for kids from collecting crystals. Collect the falling crystals in the game. jewels is the currency for which the shop can buy more new beautiful scenery on the background of which will be sped little red little bus.

Our game is a wonderful interactive music videos and even interactive fairy tale. Adored by children from all over the world the song in the background. The difficulty of the game for the players selected at the age 2+, which means that it is not only directed to 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 year olds, but also for older siblings, or even parents.
Available in the game sweets, balloons creatures or monsters after breaking, touched, crushing the break as funny and charmingly like. Bubbles or beads used in other games.

We have introduced to the game bird is not a bad or flappy. It is one of the fun interactive environment elements. Touch it, p?knij balloon next to the bird, make a boom.

Game of the little red bus is a game where you simply touch the candy to bursting and not just cut.

Important! The game WITHOUT VIOLENCE !!

Funny pop simulation type games. The game is designed as a simple sim tap tap to provide some simple fun.

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