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Horse Simulator 3d Animal Game: horse adventure

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Horse Simulator games animal: horse adventure, is a 3D game is a simple simulation game for all lovers of horses. If you love horses, ponies, ponies and even unicorns, this is the game for you.


Follow your horse. Take care of his needs. Feed your horse, give him a drink, go play. Discover the secrets of their area. Type game Sim - Simulation of owning your own horse. The game going on somewhere next, on a farm, in the meadow. The horse has its own stables.

This great game is addressed to the players who love to play simulators, simulation games and sim type games. It is a simple simulator with elements of skill. Well, after all, what more would do our horse outside food and drink? The simulation here means that we have complete freedom of action, we can only run the horse and hear the birds singing. But if someone wants us to perform tasks, collect crystals and gold horseshoe pattern of many sim type games, to go to the menu and in the "STABLE" - stable, do some shopping.

How to play Horse simulator animal lives 3D:
You start always next to his stables. The stable is a playground for your horse. The stable is the food and drink - element simulation games.
When a horse is something he wants to reduce the bar eating, drinking and satisfaction.
Eat hay, flowers or bushes to feed the horse. Drink water to quench his thirst.

Collect stars. All over the huge area to collect a lot of stars that appear and disappear in different locations. Collect gold stars, so do not open the mysterious trunks of surprises.
The horse has access to the stables (MENU - STABLE). This is a shop where you can shop for the currency, which is acquired only in the game - the golden horseshoe.

In the stables to buy:
a vial of water (drinking complementary bar)
apples (complement eating bar)
ball with a different appearance (7 different balls)
a horse of a different appearance (7 different kinds of horse)
The task of stalking (after reaching the place indicated by the arrow a lot of stars to win)

Find blue crystals. With the gem you can unlock two hidden locations. Each of them has a unique atmosphere and offers a different kind of entertainment. Walk through the beautiful garden, collect stars and find the golden horseshoe (chests in the garden). Measure the water challenge. Defeat the rock platform to win a prize.
The game, despite being simulator is totally devoid of violence. Our horse does not have enemies.

Explore a huge area with beautiful 3D graphics adapted also to weaker equipment. Shared area you can freely explore walking or running his horse.

Control using touch. Accordingly, slide your finger (fingertip control) on the left side of the screen to your pet was moving. Possible three modes of movement, free and fast. On the right side of the screen are buttons:
• task stalking (arrow)
• camera (changes the camera view and we can enjoy our horse)
• Action (horse rears) - the approach to the chest opens chests
• stroke
• the action of eating and drinking


Our application Horse simulator animal lives:
• does not contain links to social networks
• contains no in-app purchases
• does not collect any personal data
• has a small amount of advertising compared to other games, this is our way to fund free access to the application.

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