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The bugs are back in town! As the original developers of the bug apps, we’re proud to have them back.

Find out why the award winning Bugs and Buttons is loved by kids and adored by parents and professionals alike. This app is a carefully crafted collection of 18 whimsical games and activities designed to reenforce countless educational skills while providing an entertaining and healthy experience for kids.

* 18 games and activities (it’s a lot)

* Incredibly detailed graphics and animations to intrigue

* Beautifully composed music to delight

* Lots of interactions from tap, drag, pinch, to tilt

* Fun and adorable animated bugs: ladybugs, bees, butterflies, and more

* Over 40 achievements to collect; a fun book of bug stamps

* Find hidden achievements behind objects.

Many games use an advanced leveling that will adjust to the child’s performance. For a minimum amount of game play, the leveled games will become harder or easier based on how many mistakes the child makes. After the minimum amount of play, the game will enter into a bonus mode that will only increase difficulty until a final mistake is made. We find this provides an entertaining, yet challenging, experience without overwhelming.

• Kids Lock gated area to protect settings - just for parents
• No third party advertising
• No in-app purchases
• We do not collect or share information of any kind

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback — email us at support@snaptwostudio.com or visit us as snaptwostudio.com

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