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Swipe your finger, Avoid Obstacles - And you think it's easy? Play Between The Boxes, the simplest cube game on Android, a fun and so addictive game ! Available in 8 languages !

How to play ?

Turn your screen into landscape mode. Put your LEFT thumb (for convenience) and slide along the screen. This moves the cube and you can start playing ! Avoid obstacles that move from right to left. And collect the blue coins in the game.

Game Modes

- Easy
Easy mode is the default mode. The obstacles are green and moving from right to left. You should avoid using your left thumb. Get a score of 100 in Easy Mode to unlock the Middle mode.

- Middle
The Middle mode is obtained when you reach 100 in Easy mode. Obstacles still moving from right to left but now go ahead in black bars that activate positive or negative powers as: shrinkage, invincibility or acceleration.

- Hard
The Hard mode is reached when you made 100 in Middle mode. Obstacles and black bars are still present. But now obstacles are red and they move ! Discover all this in the game Between The Boxes now !


Once your coins collected, click the Shop menu tab to use them. You can now unlock new cubes. Currently 19 cubes of colors are available !

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