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21 Animal Puzzles for Kids is a fun collection of free jigsaw puzzles for kids, perfect for toddlers or children in preschool! Have your kids learn animals like elephants and sheep while developing skills for early learning.

With the free puzzles in 21 Animal Puzzles for Kids, you can watch your toddler interact with animal games that are both engaging and educational. These preschool puzzle games for little kids for are designed to help your toddler learn shapes, name recognition, color recognition and vocabulary.

Learn shapes, develop new skills and play fun preschool puzzles with 21 Animal Puzzles for Kids!

Interactive Kids Puzzles - Animal Puzzles for Toddlers and Preschoolers
• Free jigsaw puzzles for kids designed for preschoolers and toddlers to learn
• 21 different animals with 147 unique jigsaw puzzle combinations (frog, cow,
horses, sheep, crocodile, and more)
• Each puzzle names the animal by voice and text
• Each of the puzzles for kids make the animal sound when solved
• Fun animal games for children with autism
• Works in airplane mode

Learn at Their Own Pace - Preschool Learning Games with Custom Settings
• Adjustable learning settings behind a parental gate
• Select difficulty or number of pieces per puzzle
• Preschool puzzle games get harder the faster your child solves them
• Jigsaw puzzle shapes go from easy to hard (2-8 pieces)
• Automatically remove or add pieces to the preschool puzzles based on how
quickly your child solves them
• Friendly narration congratulates your toddler when they solve a puzzle and learn
• Narration names puzzle piece color when your toddler taps it for color recognition

Preschool Puzzle Games for Little Kids Without the Distraction
• Completely free jigsaw puzzles for kids
• No in-app purchases
• Personal data stays private and is never collected

Awards and Mentions

Shortlisted for best Electronic Toy in the Prima Baby Awards 2015!

"It is very fun to play (even for dad), and is something that I could see just about any child spending lots of time exploring and figuring out how to solve the puzzles." - kidsappcorner.com, Sept 30 2014

"well-designed and easy to use" - funeducationalapps.com, Sept 29 2014

"..one of those games that kids will love for the fun side of it, and parents will love it for its educational value" - fun2tap.com, Oct 5 2014

21 Animal Puzzles is full of fun and free preschool puzzle games that are perfect for your child. Have them start to learn shapes and develop basic learning skills by downloading 21 Animal Puzzles for Kids today!

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