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CountDown Calculation:

The aim of this game is to reach the target number using math operations (+,−,×,÷) applied to 6 numbers whilst beating the clock countdown.

Challenge your children by setting a low target limit at the start and gradually increase the maximum target number as they improve in their mental arithmetic.

CountDown Calculation is a numbers game based on mental arithmetic, so for grown ups it is a fun way to keep the brain cells ticking over.

Paid version has these extra features:

* No Adverts
* Configurable Maximum Target up to 999
* Configurable Countdown Time Limit
* Quick Select button for choosing random pattern
* Preferences for Quick Select Option
* Gives nearest Solution when target number not possible
* Ability to move program to SD Card
* Find Solution functionality
* Practice Mode

This game is an international hit with downloads in over 10 countries.

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