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Little Green Baby Genius is a puzzle game with a number of levels of varying difficulty. Each level is different and presents new and unique challenges for you to solve. There are a number of monsters and obstacles which all behave differently.
Part of the challenge is to identify how a monster behaves and use that to help you get to the exit in each level. The game is focused on logic, lateral thinking and exercising your brain, although there are some levels that require some quick thinking and quick fingers!
Using your Google account you can upload your scores on each level and compete with friends and/or the rest of the world. You can see how you compare with others on leader boards and unlock achievements.
Just remember sometimes there is a hard way and an easy way to do things...other times there's only one way. Can you find it?

Be sure to check out the full version where you can design your own levels, play other player's levels, rate levels, and compete with others on the leaderboards!

- This application uses read/write permissions to save user preferences and levels beaten.
- This application follows Google's guidelines on user account information and uses minimum information for leader boards and achievements.

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