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Hotline To God® App

If God called you would you answer?
With this App, you can be connected to Christ always,
and you will discover Him throughout your day, every day, in “all things.”
When you become more aware of the Love of God in your life,
everything becomes holy. Everything will be seen as miracle!

With an imprimatur and nihil obstat granted from the Roman Catholic Diocese of
Fort Wayne-South Bend by Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades and Msgr. Michael Heintz.

Do you know how to Pray? Do you Pray every day?
1.Connect with God each and every day, throughout your day.
2.Learn to live without fear and become “one” with God.
3.Learn the spiritual tools to walk with the Lord.
4.Learn the most powerful prayer, written by St. Ignatius 300 years ago.
5.There is a way to meet God. You will no longer be lost without Him.
6.The Examen Prayer will reconnect you to God.

If you never knew Him, now you will!

The Hotline To God® App features:
•St. Ignatius’ Examen Prayer (illustrated with teaching videos)
○Also known as the Examination of Consciousness
•St. Ignatius’ interactive “Rules of Discernment” that will help keep you close to God, and get you out of the darkness and desolation when you have grown distant from God.
•Daily Scripture Affirmations! Every day you'll get a new message from God directly to you – affirming you, blessing you, and assuring you of God’s love.
•Daily Readings, following the Church’s liturgical cycle, for your day and joining you with others in the Universal Prayer of the Church.
•Journaling Feature, with optional password protection and encryption, documenting your innermost feelings.
•Set your daily goals as you make resolutions with God.
•Alarm clock and customizable daily reminders, to notify you it’s time to pray and reconnect with God.
•The Learn More section of the App will direct you to spiritual readings, books, videos, audio, and other resources to improve your prayer.

Who would use this App:
•All believers who are trying to grow in their faith.
•All Christians and those who want to be a Christian.
•Catholics who are familiar with St. Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises.
•People trying to find their way in life.
•Anyone needing direction from God.
•Those having trouble with an addiction.
•“The Lost Sheep” who wants to be found.
•Anyone desiring to know Jesus more.

Anyone who feels lost or disconnected from God,
this is your “Hotline to God”!

This App will help transform your life, day by day.
You will be brought back to Christ anytime you lose your way.
No more wishing required; you will know Jesus!
The Hotline to God connects you with God, fulfilling your deepest desire.

All of this App's content is created and owned by Fr. Michael J. Denk.
Audio and links to other sites used with permission.

Special thanks to Fr. Timothy Gallagher and to

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