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TicTalk is the 1st messenger built from the ground up, specifically for Android Wear! TicTalk focuses on quick, fluid, interactions with the people that matter most; all from your wrist.

*1-tap communication from your wrist
*Quick, glanceable messaging, with large emoji-like icons
*Uses sensors and context for smart replies & rich messages
*Digital Touch allows users to virtually tap each other on the wrist with real-time vibrations
*Share & feel heartbeats in real-time!
*Message Anyone- including friends that don’t have a an Android Wear device
*Works on all Android Wear devices including Moto 360, LG G Watch R, Samsung Gear Live, LG G Watch, Sony Smartwatch 3 and Asus Zenwatch!

Quick Messages & Smart Responses
TicTalk provides a set of the most used messages to start a conversation as well as predefined responses specific to your previous interactions. This way you can communicate quickly and effectively.

Rich Messaging & Location Sharing
TicTalk includes the ability to share your location with one tap, sharing your gps coordinates, Google Maps and a streetview.

Digital Touch
Electronic communication today is missing something, a true connection. For that, we invented what we refer to as Digital Touch. Not only can you “tap” on someones wrist, you can also share real-time heartbeats measured from your Android Wear smartwatch.

SMS Integration
We know not everyone is going to have a smartwatch and using multiple messaging services can be a straight pain. That is why we built in quick reply SMS integration so you can communicate with everyone regardless whether or not they are on board.

Install the app to the device (phone) that you have connected to your Android Wear device. Once installed, wait a few minutes for devices to sync and then open TicTalk from your smartwatch app menu.

Bugs and feature requests
For all bug reports and feature requests, please send an email to hello@little-labs.com

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