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A must application for architects, real estate brokers, travelers, tourists, wanderers, trackers and for general user of maps for searching places, navigation and area calculations. With this app you can set a desired radius on your map and make custom search of any places within that radius. You can calculate area of any location, farm, land, plot, building etc situated on map.

With this application you can,
- Set a radius of desired KM or Miles.
- Search nearby places like restaurant, hospitals, hotels, malls, church, etc within the radius selected by the user.
- Calculate area of a building, farm, plot, land, city, state, country by placing points on the border of the subject. The area is calculated with 98% accuracy.
- Calculate distance of multiple points placed on the map starting from the 1st to last point.
- Get current location details like latitude, longitude, address of the location.

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