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WIFI Heat Map: Measure wifi signal strength

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App feature :

Wifi Info :
get information of the current connected wifi with your phone. You can get following information
- SSID, BSSID, MAC address, Speed, Strength, Encryption, Channel, Frequency, IP address, Netmask, Gateway, DHCP-Server, DNS1, DNS2 and DHCP lease.

WIFI Heat Map: With Wifi heat map, you can measure wifi signal strength at different parts of your office or home. There are 2 way to measure with
- Floor plan : in floor plan just draw a rough floor plan of your home or office. All rooms, balcony, cabins, etc should be clearly drawn on the floor plan. After drawing the floor plan, go to each rooms or section of your office or home and click on that particular section on your floor plan. On click, the signal strength with dbm will be displayed.

- Tabular Format : Just like floor plan, instead of drawing floor plan, create block for each rooms or section of your office or home. After creating the blocks, go to each room and click on test button on the block on that room. After completing the test, each block will show your signal strength of each room or section of your office or home.

Signal Strength : this section will show you graph of signal strength channel wise.

Available Network : Analise available network with this section of the application. It will show you frequency, number of channels and signal strength of each available network. You can select the network that's best for you.

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