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This is Super Screen Breaker! Break, Crack and Shatter your Phone Screen with this Prank App!

Now you can play the phone shattered screen prank to your friends, family or even strangers!

At your disposal are fifteen, yes fifteen realistic shattered screens!

Choose your custom settings:

- How will your break your screen?
Is up to you! Choose Auto, Shake or Immediate!

- How will it sound whn you break your screen?
You decide! Choose one from four awesome break sounds!

So, how will it be?

Get your friends phone, add a three shake trigger and a long glass shattered effect and see his/her reaction!

When the screen is broken you can still interact with your mobile, making it seem so real!

And more! Choose Schedule in trigger then choose Schedule Break option and schedule when will the your screen break! Some seconds up to 30 minutes to make your friends drop the jaw!

Have fun and break your screen!

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