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Death Fall is an insanely challenging memory-reflex game. Your goal is to beat the Death Fall Challenge via dodging a seemingly endless amount of spikes while listening to some upbeat music that sets the mood for this thrilling game.

Warning*** This game is so insanely difficult that not even I (the developer) have been able to complete the Death Fall challenge straight through. For testing purposes, it was done in segments to insure that the challenge is possible to complete.

A 90 second challenge that will last you hours of enjoyable game-play.
An Exercise Mode that reduces the speed by 50%!
Several Achievements to attain.
Controls : left and right arrow keys to move (or A and D keys) and Esc or Space key to pause the game
Touch Screen controls included!
Unlock Achievements and Skins!

Note** If you clear your cookies, you will erase your achievements and statistics.

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