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Paint Rush is your portable creative outlet. Whether you use a stylus on a great big tablet, or your fingers on an itty bitty phone, Paint Rush won't get between you and your imagination. Command 7 customizable tools that react to motion, speed and pressure. Bang out a quick sketch, or dig in and create a masterpiece.

Key features:
* Pressure sensitivity for stylus an non-stylus devices+
* Simulated brush with 9 unique textures
* Simulated pencil
* Simulated pen
* Simulated crayon
* Eraser
* Smudge
* Fill tool
* Color picker with 3 modes to select and tune colors
* Tag favorite colors and brushes for quick selection
* Import photos to draw over
* Robust undo support
* Portrait + Landscape
* AutoSave (enabled through Preferences)

+ Non-stylus (finger) sensitivity is measured by how much of your finger is on the screen. Some devices do not support this type of pressure measurement. Enable pressure in the the Preferences menu to check whether it is supported on your device.

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