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We all need to visit newer places or people visit us and are dependent on phone communication;
Locating any address is still relatively difficult
Dependency on phone call to give directions
Publishing map image still does not help in real time situation
Stranded on roadside, seeking help and giving directions is near impossible
Wastage of precious time in case of emergency services
Dependency on other person’s sense of direction – your left or my left!

Zibly is a map and location based app which helps its users to navigate and search addresses easily. It allows you to create a smart map based address and attach it to your email or phone number thus enabling friends and family locate your address easily. It enables its users to:
View Location
Send location cards
Get Directions
Create accurate map locations
Scan QR Codes
Converts phone/email/smart code to a searchable map location
Enables individuals to have map presence

Zibly is an answer to following questions:
1. You ordered some item online and waiting for delivery, The delivery guy calls you to get directions, You end up directing him over the phone – left right left – haah!
2. You decide to party or host a meeting, You decide the venue and message or publish the address, Your guests keep asking passerby’s for venue – too tricky – huh!
3. Someone needs emergency services, As a good Samaritan you dial 100 or 101 or 102, You end up directing over the phone – left right left – my God!
4. You have a sales team, You don’t know their whereabouts, You end up calling them and get misguided – oops!
5. You are going to visit friend or family, They keep calling and asking where have you reached, Hnadle traffic or calls - uff!

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