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KidSmart Holiday Shoppes is America’s favorite in-school gift shopping program

famous for our quality and unique variety. Our Cash Register App makes check out as

easy as touching the appropriate price code found on each gift and the app tallies the

order total for you. You can now have as many “check-out” stations as you need! You

select the amount your group would like to profit or you can choose to sell at cost to the


Step One ... Log In Screen!

KidSmart Cash Register App instructions are included with your Chairperson’s

Instruction Packet along with your Username and Password. Simply enter this and

you are on your way! Need help? Call us at 800-659-9436 or email qwi@quality-

Step Two ... Set Your Prices!

You will be prompted to go to the “Settings” Tab to select the markup option you wish

to use. We have pre-programmed three suggested markup options: 0% markup (at cost),

approximate 10% markup, and approximate 20% markup. Simply choose one and press

“Save”. However, if you would prefer to set your own prices simply choose “Custom”

and follow the prompts to program each price code.

Step 3 ... Let’s Shop!

Now it’s time to help the students shop! Make sure your volunteers understand that each

item has a “price code” that corresponds to the cost of the item. They simply press the

price code of the items the child is purchasing. The total cost of the sale will be displayed

as they are inputting the items, so your volunteer will immediately know if the student is

spending over their budget! Should they make an error they simply tap “undo” and it will

undo the last entry, should you need to start over, simply tap “clear”.

When the student is done shopping tap the Yellow “Total” tab and you will be brought to

a Preview Sale Screen. You will see the total number of items that the student purchased

in each code. Press back if you wish to undo the last item entered or if you need to add

another item. Press the Yellow “OK” tab to take you to the Total Purchased Screen. You

will see the total number of items that the student purchased, and the total amount of

the sale. Enter the amount of money you received in the white “Amount Received” box.

Press “Register Sale” and this awesome App figures out the change easy is


Time for next shopper . .. simply press “Begin New Sale” and you will be brought back

to the register screen and are ready to help your next shopper!

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