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Seasons & Time for Kids offers new and creative ways to learn about Seasons, Clock Time, Days of the Week, 12 Months of the Year and Islamic Months in Urdu Language.

This application is the product of Little Tree House Apps and eBooks for kids to learn about Time in terms of seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and seasons.


- Bright interactive pictures about five seasons
- Kids will see five different seasons including Mausam-e-bahar, Mausam-e-garma, Mausam-e-moon soon, Mausam-e-khizan and Mausam-e-sarma
- Help your child learn to identify various weather situations in different seasons
- Teach kids to read clock and understand time and how clocks work
- Learn to do a lot of different activities related to time learning
- Makes learning the time real fun and the kids learn to tell the time in very easy manner.
- Friendly graphic and music for kids

Five different activities included:

>>>Arrange the clock needles
This activity allows you to move the clock needles with hands to stop them on given time

>>>Stop the clock
This activity allows you to stops the clock on the correct time

>>>Tell time
This activity allows you to choose the right digital time that matches the time on the clock.

>>>Choose the correct clock
This activity allows you to choose the right clock that matches the given digital time.

>>>Drag the clock to correct place
This activity allows you to drag and drop the clock to its correct place

>>Age Group:

This application is suitable for kids from 3 to 7 years of age, who are in the pre-nursery and kindergarten class. This application is also beneficial for students and adults who wants to learn about time and seasons in Urdu.

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