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Learn Shapes & Colors for Kids in Urdu Language

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Ashkal aur Rangon ki pehchan application is the product of Little Tree House Apps and eBooks for kids to learn about different shapes and colors in Urdu language.

It's a portal to color and shape world that helps to build the skills and knowledge of your child in a playful manner. The young player will be taught to distinguish between different shapes and apply that knowledge in real life.
Shapes and Colors for Kids Urdu features different activities that gradually get more challenging so that the child could learn shapes and colors step by step.

Features and Advantages of the Game:

- Shapes presents nine different shapes in Urdu including Moon, Heart, Rectangle, Star, Triangle, Oval, Diamond, Circle and Square
- Color presents ten different colors in Urdu including Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Pink, Brown, Orange, Black, Yellow and White
- Shapes uses sounds and pictures which allows children to learn and recognize shapes
- Each color has multiple objects with sounds enabling the child to enhance colors learning
- Fun and challenging way for kids to learn basic shapes and colors using real-life objects
- Bright pictures provide easy shape and color learning for kids. The name of each object is pronounced clearly and distinctly
- The intuitive interface of app makes it easy to cope with children of kindergarten age

Age Group:

This application is suitable for kids from 3 to 7 years of age, who are in the pre nursery and kinder garten class. This application is also beneficial for students and adults who wants to learn about shapes and colors in Urdu

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