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Playing with Words is a simple game for children to help children learn how to spell and recognize words in English in a better way. It aims to learn the vowels, improve knowledge of children and stimulate their English language development.

With beautiful pictures for toddlers, this simple application has a very good educational learning features; helps improve English skills of your children by engaging children in activities of the vowels and spellings.

• Learn vowels with this fun application using a simple and intuitive interface
• When the toddler click on a vowel, its sound is pronounced
• Kids learn the spelling to popular and simple words
• Kids learn to associate words with their images
• Colorful letters for your Kid/Toddler to drag around the screen
• Letters can be dragged across the screen onto targets, helping to improve your Kid hand-eye co-ordination
• Your Child will love the bright colors of objects and dragging letters around the screen.

Activities include:

-> Spell the picture
Fun game to find the spelling from scrambled letters

-> Complete the word
Interesting game to identify the missing letters and complete it according to the word that correctly describes the picture

-> Monster game
Feed the Hungry Monster by letting him eating the falling vowels
-> Use vowels to complete the words
Complete the given words by using the appropriate use that fits in each word

Age Group:
This application is ideal for pre-nursery and kinder garden students for the age group of 3-7 years.

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