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Welcome to the ABANICO App for knife- and gun defense!

You are looking for knife and gun defense?

In this APP you find videos from some of the world's top instructors and masters of different martial arts, that deal with knives, handling of knives, knife fight, knife defense and gun defense.

You can buy the videos in app, and watch them over and over to train with the videos and learn from them.

You can download and stream the videos and even upload them on another device once you boufght them. Also once downoaded and deleted, or changing smartphones or tablets, you can restore your purchase.


So you are interested in martial arts and high quality instructional videos?

You want to learn about knive defense, knives and gun even if your instructor is not there or if you even do not have an instructor?

You want clear and well structured videos, from which you can really learn?

Then you have found the right company: ABANICO.

We produce and distribute martial arts and selfdefense instructional videos and DVDs since 1989 from Germnay, national and international.

Our customers rank ABANICO videos among the best instructional videos worldwide, regarding content, structure and the methodical/didactical approach, for you can REALLY learn from your videos.

One of the reasons is, ABANICO is owned by Dieter Knüttel. He has a M.A. in sports science, is a 9th Dan Grandmaster of Modern Arnis and chief-instructor of the German Arnis association DAV since 1985, which is a Filipino Martial Art (FMA).

He practices martial arts since 1966, teaches martial arts and selfdefense since 1977 and produces instructional videos/DVDs for sports, martial arts and selfdefense since 1989.

We have many different martial arts in our program and produce only with first class instructors national and international.

From now on you can learn from these videos by downloading or streaming them here through this app! And other Abanico apps will follow!

PLEASE NOTE: While the app is free and you can view free preview videos, full-length videos need to be purchased before they can be viewed.

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