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World's #1 Night Club Dance Instructor Reveals How to Seduce, Make Out With, and Take Home Women from the Dance Floor… Even if You’re Awful with Women and Terrible at Dancing!

- Learn moves anyone can learn, even beginners: smooth dance openers, basic dance moves, kino escalation, kiss closes, transitions on and off the dance floor.
- Learn not only the dance movements, but the psychology of how to turn a woman on while dancing.
- Have immediate access to over 20 free videos demonstrated by Chi and his assistants in HD quality, shot in multiple angles so you get the best view.
- Watch Chi correct common mistakes made by beginners


Why Dance Floor Game is superior to any other Dance System you have ever encountered:

- You don't need to be flexible
- You don’t need to be able to keep a beat
- You don’t need to be good looking or tall
- You don’t need to have a nice body
- You don’t even need to even be in shape


What am I going to learn?

- The 5 Magic Words you need to say to get her to leave the club with you.
- How to respond if she’s unsure about leaving the club with you and needs more assurance. (This is much easier you think and I’ll tell you the exact words to say)
- The amazingly effective way of getting her phone number so she thinks it was her idea to give it to you!
- 4 Easy Opening Lines you can say to get her to start dancing (These are word-for-word so you can’t mess this up!). How to play “hard to get” on the dance floor using your body language alone (This gets her addicted to your touch).
- “Talking dirty” on the dance floor revealed ? whisper slightly dirty things in her ear to make her hot.
- Take her from “casual” dancing to full body-on-body grinding within just a few minutes using my intimacy sequence.


Who is Chi?

Chi “Club Dance King” Szeto is the dance instructor that dating and pick-up coaches depend on worldwide for dance advice. For the first time, he is revealing all his methods for hooking up with hot, gorgeous women from the bars and clubs in this special video set.


The Dance Attraction Formula works! But don’t take our word for it, here are some of our reviews:

“Hello from Sweden! Gotta say the stuff you showed me really helped me take that final step to approaching women on the dancefloor without being awkward. Now I always know what to do next. I’ve even had some makeouts and intense grinding (the grinding even more fun than the make-outs!) So once again, Thank you!“ Artin -Sweden

“It just took a few basic moves from your DVD's for me to start feeling comfortable on the dance floor. I used to avoid dancing like a plague, because any good conversation I had with a woman at a club would be destroyed once she saw me try to dance. Now I feel just as comfortable dancing as talking and women are giving me the eye for my moves. In fact, last night, after I stepped off the dance floor, a sexy woman grabbed me and pulled me over to her, wanting to talk. This NEVER happens to me, especially not anywhere near the dance floor! Thanks for the help, Chi! Daniel A. -San Diego, CA

"This application was really easy to use and taught me a few simple moves that I was able to test out immediately at the night club with some positive results. I purchased the VIP version and was surprised at the number of videos included. Don’t hesitate to upgrade, it is definitely worth it!" Bryan P. - India


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