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About This App

"The 59 Minute Baseball Practice" has been described as "the bible" of baseball instructional tools.

The app contains more than 30 easy-to-follow drills, which cover hitting, pitching, first and third strategies, base running drills, how to run a practice when no field is available, bunting strategies and many more!

Most young athletes are eager to learn but tend to bore easily. If you follow Marty's advice and use the drills included in this app, the kids in your team will have fun AND develop their skills. As Marty says, the goals for all drills and practices should be to improve individually, improve as a team and have fun!

The drills are divided into 3 segments and are available for purchase. Once purchased, you will be able to stream or download the video on any Android device.

About Marty Schupak

Marty received his Master's degree from Arizona State University in Physical Education and has been coaching baseball for 23 years.

He was recognized by the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) for registering his 200th victory and his youth baseball coaches clinics have trained thousands of youth baseball and Little League coaches around the country.

Besides producing 25 sports videos, he has written seven books including the popular Playoff Fever and Split Pants from the Cliff Vermont series.

His web site, www.YouthSportsClub.com is one of the busiest destinations for youth coaches, parents and players on the Internet.

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