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About the Five Pillar System
Steve Maxwell clears up the confusion!

Many people find program design utterly baffling. Steve created the 5-Pillars workout system to put an end to the common training confusion.

Quoth Steve:

You can give a man a workout, or you can show him how to craft his own, thus liberating him from gym and trainer dependancy.
Of course, in so doing, I risk putting myself out of the personal training business!

An almost daily request Steve gets is:
Steve, I love the BW Basics series...but how do I put it together?

Admittedly, it can be perplexing.

Yet, in order to be effective, a workout program needn’t be complicated.
Steve asserts that sticking with the basics provides the best results.

With this in mind, Steve has categorized a simple, efficient system of exercise selection that allows the user to construct their own balanced workouts, anytime, anyplace...anywhere.

The 5-Pillars system works like this

Select an exercise in each category, and put together your five-exercise workout, hitting all essential movement patterns with a single set of max reps for time
Perform a single set of all-out reps
What Fitness Level Is The Five Pillar System Designed For?
In each category, there are advanced, and less-advanced options, so that even beginners can benefit from the most important body weight exercises and attain a level of mastery according to their effort.

There is plenty of variety within each category, to keep you busy for years.

Now you can work out like Steve Maxwell...without regretting it later

Who can benefit from the 5-Pillars BW video series?

Anyone who takes a vacation and needs a traveling workout
Anyone who longs for liberation from the gym and independence from equipment
Those people who wish to simplify their training and end their confusion about training
Anyone with a time-crunch factor who still wants a good workout
This series is for the beginner and advanced alike

These workouts are short, sweet, sweet, high-intensity training

Who will not benefit from the 5-Pillars BW video series?

Those deluded by high-volume bodybuilding propaganda
Those unable to summon the intensity to go to failure in the set under their own volition
The weak-willed
Time wasters

The 5-Pillars Workout System is not for those for whom exercise is an end unto itself--Steve isn’t offering feats and stunts here. Herein is the finest general physical preparedness (GPP) on the market.
Additional Info
Also included are ancillary exercise options for the all-important feet, ankles, calves, hands, and neck.

The 5-Pillars system is based upon natural, functional physical movement, not individual muscle groups. Yes, of course, each movement pattern hits the requisite muscles.

The single most important factor in the 5-Pillars workout system is Time Under Load (TUL) and No muss, no fuss.

Some people might balk at single sets, and if that’s you, just take a look at Mike Mentzer...or Casey Viator, and then get motivated.

About Body Weight Exercise

Steve loves body weight exercise. It’s the first exercise we humans ever did as children--we learned to pull and push our little animal bodies. As adults, body weight is just as effective as in childhood, maybe even more so.

Body weight exercise is especially appealing because the only equipment required is a horizontal bar, or a set of handles.

Steve considers body weight training the simplest, most essential form of strength training, but also incredibly effective. Look at any gymnast, or even locked up guys working out in prison yards, and you can see the truth in it.

PLEASE NOTE - While this is a free app and contains free preview material, the majority of the content needs to be purchased. The packages available are:

- The 5 Pillars System for $60
- The Specimen Workouts for $15
- Both of the Above for $70

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