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Steve was on the ground floor of the USA kettlebell movement. Since that time he’s noticed that, by far, the biggest conundrum for the average person is how to organize their kettlebell workouts.

Well, confusion be gone!

Because now you can avail yourself of Steve’s 40+ years of training, teaching, and traveling, and apply his wisdome to your own workout construction and design.

In this series, Steve has arranged the best kettlebell moves according to his movement-based exercise philosophy he calls the “5-Pillars”. Now you can easily create your own meaningful, productive, rational, safe workouts that will give you great results.

What kind of results can you expect?

- Enhanced work capacity, i.e., metabolic conditioning
- Enhanced hormonal profile, ie, testosterone and Hgh (empirical evidence)
- Enhanced health and well-being (as part of a reasonable lifestyle) Increased muscular size
- Increased mobility
- Decreased chance of overtraining syndrome when consistently following the rational guidelines of the 5-Pillars system of training

Steve has organized kettlebell movements into five basic categories; by selecting an exercise from each category--and performing a maximal set of each selection--you’ll have a perfectly balanced workout program.

Within each category, are featured five of the best, time-tested exercises Steve knows. Choose an exercise from each category et voila!

The perfect balanced workout, customized to your needs, abilities, and circumstance. Suitable for beginners to elites--you can’t go wrong with the five pillars.

Also available, as a separate set, are three model workouts exemplifying the KB 5-Pillars system. These model workouts are straightforward, on- -the-road-with-the-KB-in-the-boot-of-the-car essentials--in other words: no fooling around! Employ the model workouts as they are, forms to follow-along with Scott and Shannon, or use them as ideas, to inspire and edify.

Steve is really excited about this video series! As the first group kettlebell teacher in the US, he’s invested a lot of experience, time, and energy into synthesizing the system, and he’s put it together in very simple and straightforward way for you. The three model workouts are very tough--not complex, but very tough. Watch that girl!

Who is this video series for?

The KB 5-Pillars is for people who desire to train with KBs for strength, endurance, and cardio-respiratory health; it’s good for people who wish to exploit the kettlebell as a modality to condition themselves in their pursuit of other sports and activities, that is, to make you better at other stuff. The KB 5-Pillars is useful as well for anyone looking for a way to promote--to encourage--fat-loss, when accompanied by appropriate diet measures.

The KB 5-Pillars is for people who want to end the confusion of What kettlebell exercises should I do?

The KB 5-Pillars is for people who wish to construct their own workouts to suit their individual needs.

Who is this not for?
Those people pursuing the sport of KB lifting, or for whom the kettlebell is an end unto itself. The KB 5-Pillars system is kettlebell general physical preparedness (GPP).

KB 5-Pillars system is not for the wooden-headed or the miscreant. Kettlebells will not hack the fat off your muscles without the dishonor of dieting--sorry folks, that model doesn’t exist.

In truth, though, I can’t see that anyone interested in lifting kettlebells to improve overall health and well-being, and body-composition, wouldn’t benefit from the 5-Pillars KB system. --Steve Maxwell

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