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About this app
This course is highly recommended for beginners and ballroom dancers taking up authentic Argentine Tango for the first time, as well as for experienced dancers as a refresher course in fundamentals.

About Fabián Salas

Argentine Tango dancer, teacher, and choreographer from Bueons Aires, with over 20 years of professional experience. Fabián has successfully taught Tango to thousands of students in Argentina, Brazil, USA, Canada, and many European and Asian countries.

Fabián is also the principal organizer of the annual Congreso Internacional de Tango Argentino (CITA) in Buenos Aires - the world's greatest Tango event.

About This App

Tango is an intimate dance - it eliminates the distance between a man and a woman.

In Basic Elements, Fabián teaches the Argentine Tango fundamentals: the walk, the embrace, the lead and follow, basic figures and turns. The lessons are clear, playful and easy to follow.

In Basic Caminadas, you will learn variations of the authentic Argentine tango walk, which include the "normal" and "cross-foot" movements, inside and outside partner, combined with changes in rhythm.

Finally, Basic Giros, concentrates on "giros" (turns) - one of the fundamental structures of Argentine Tango, as well as on a few sequences and tips, that will help students progress step by step in the intricate world of giros.

Introductions by San Francisco Bay area TV reporter and Tango aficionado - Bob MacKenzie.

Instruction is in English by Fabián Salas, accompanied by a world-class Argentine Tango dancer and teacher - Cecilia González.

PLEASE NOTE - While preview content is freely available, the course consists of three parts (Basic Elements, Basic Caminadas and Basic Giros) which can be purchased either individually for $US14.99 or as a bundle for $US39.99.

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