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Hapkido Essentials and Self-defense skills brings you a complete Hapkido curriculum. Taught by Grandmaster Chang Soo Lee and Grandmaster Myung Yong Kim of Hapkido Jin Jung Kwan and filmed in Korea, this series is a high quality, in-depth introduction to authentic Hapkido.

Hapkido is a complete self-defense art, encompassing a full range of striking, kicking, throwing and immobilization techniques. In Hapkido Essentials, learn the kicks, strikes and blocks of Hapkido. Grandmasters Myung Yong Kim, founder of Hapkido Jin Jung Kwan, and Chang Soo Lee, head of Hapkido Jin Jung Kwan personally teach you over 75 hapkido techniques including: stance; beginner through advanced Danjun Breathing methods; vital point theory and practice; elbow, knifehand and backfist striking; single and double arm blocking; forward, backward, side, aero and rolling falls; and single, double, combination and special kicks for a total of 51 kicks! Download the app to see a free preview and get the complete Hapkido Essentials video for $7.99.

In the first of a two part course on Hapkido's powerful self-defense techniques, Hapkido Standing Self-defense covers the standing defenses of Hapkido Jin Jung Kwan including locking, takedown and throwing defenses against single, double, cross and rear wrist grabs; front and rear bear hugs; common punches and kicks; front and rear collar grabs; belt grabs; and elbow grabs. Learn 4 wrist locking techniques for free when you download the app - purchase the entire video for just $7.99.

Hapkido Throwing, Ground and Weapon Defenses picks up where Standing Self-defense left off. Learn Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido's throwing and takedown defenses against standing attacks, ground defense and defenses against weapons including the knife, gun and cane. This instructional program was filmed on location in Korea, allowing you to learn from some of the top Hapkido masters in Korea. Includes instruction on Bang Too Ki (defenses against lunges, holds, throws and chokes), Sunsool (initiative attacking), Dan Bong Sool (mini short stick blocking, striking, thrusting and locking techniques), Po Bak Sool (arresting techniques using a belt to immobilize the opponent), Dan Jang Sool (cane striking and locking), defense against gun and knife attacks and women's self-defense scenarios. Learn 4 Hapkido throwing self-defense techniques when you download the free app and get the dozens of advanced defensive skills for just $8.99.

Please note, while there are free previews of these videos included in the app, the full videos need to be purchased to be unlocked.

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Turtle Press is a leading producer of instructional books and videos for martial arts students and instructors as well as law enforcement personnel and those interested in self-defense and personal protection. We pride ourselves on producing products that are timeless additions to the martial arts world, a unique blend of tradition and innovation that is our hallmark.

Turtle Press was founded in 1990 by martial artists who understand what you need to train at home and to get the most out of your time in the classroom, gym or ring. Every title we produce is created with the reader or viewer in mind. Our video apps are organized by theme into multiple chapters, so you can quickly and easily find the material you want to work on. Every video includes detailed instruction by some of the top martial artists in the world. Slow motion, walk throughs, graphics and multiple camera angles will enhance your understanding of difficult techniques. At Turtle Press, we recognize that for many martial artists, training is more than just a hobby or way to stay in shape, it’s a way of life.

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