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Police Defensive Tactics Descriptions

Police Safety & Survival

Pressure Point Control Tactics: ($5.99) Learn the most effective hard and soft pressure point techniques for use against both active and passive resisters. This is a crash course in quickly taking control of an aggressive or resisting assailant.

Kubaton: ($1.99) This small versatile impact weapon can be used to strike or apply pressure to vital targets. In this video, law enforcement trainers Mark Wyler and Eric Murray show you how the kubaton can be used to augment pressure point techniques or deliver targeted strikes to gain the upper hand in a confrontation.

Straight Baton ($6.99) begins by teaching you the fundamental blocks, strikes, gripping methods, and combination strikes with the expandable baton then progresses to baton retention, disarming, lock-ups and escorts.


Police Combat Tactics

Lieutenant Kevin Dillon is a veteran law enforcement officer and SWAT team commander. In Police Combat Tactics he combines his practical Flashbang tactics and in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by law enforcement officers to give you a solid foundation in the physical and psychological tactics of on the job confrontations. Master the essentials of successfully reacting to fluid situations, avoiding physical confrontations, handling all levels of resistance and protecting.

Police Fitness and Training Drills ($2.99) includes strength training drills with combat applications and team building fitness drills plus instruction on how to fall safely and quickly recover from the ground.

In Flashbang Tactics ($4.99), Lt. Dillon teaches you the core principles of the Flashbang system of responding quickly and decisively to an aggressor. Includes fighting stances, reading body language, defensive tactics to prevent injury, Rule of 3 in deploying force, combat punching, defending against the sucker punch, close quarters tactics, blocking vs. destroying the attack and reality-based training methods to hone your responses and reflexes.

Advanced Combat Tactics ($6.99) focuses on effectively neutralizing and taking down an assailant while minimizing risk. You'll also learn key vital targets, effective kicking methods and weapon defenses against blunt and edged weapons.


Police Ground Combat ($6.99) is a crash course in ground fighting for law enforcement officers who need to quickly learn to gain the superior position and subdue an assailant. You'll learn the key points of control, submission and escape from the guard, mount and side mount positions as well as reversals from the guard, plus important ground combat skills like recovery from the ground, weapon retention, and defending a takedown.


Keith Livingston demonstrates the keys to Knife Control ($2.99), including taking control of a knife-wielding attacker through the use of scenario assessment, distance and the officer's use of deadly force. Keith demonstrates techniques for defusing the most common types of knife attacks based his many years of experience as a patrol officer.

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