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Color Cross is a refreshing puzzle game for all the brain-training and logic puzzle fans. Discover now this exclusive game acclaimed by the players!

Color a grid with the right colors to reveal a hidden picture.
The rules of the game are very easy to understand, but you will discover a fascinating game to play for a few minutes or hours! There are thousands of puzzles, for beginners or experts. You can also draw your own puzzles to play with your friends, or challenge them in real-time duels!

Try it now, it's free!

Simple game rules:
Recreate the mysterious image hidden behind a grid by filling each square with the right color and by simply deducting it from the numbers written on either side of the grid. Thanks to the step-by-step tutorial, no more than two minutes are necessary to understand the rules of the game.

Content abounds for everyone:
★ Over 500 puzzles for more than 100 hours of gameplay!
★ Dozens of themes: animals, fashion, household, candies, magic and many more!
★ 2 game modes: Collection and Today's Puzzle
★ Tutorial to help you learn easily

Fun and relaxing
★ Simple and intuitive interface: put your finger on a square and simply slide it along the lines and columns to reveal astonishing images!
★ You will never get stuck: even if you make a mistake it is always possible to finish the puzzles.

Discover now the acclaimed puzzle game!

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4 years

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