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Art-net controller is an Android App that simply sends DMX 512 packets through Wifi following the Artnet protocol and/or sACN E1.31

This is just an App for testing/focussing purpose but also can be used to play a simply show if your main controller is broken or you forgot it ;-)

This application has been made by a lighting operator for lightings operators so you can expect some of the features on most popular lighting desks:

You can find a quick start guide at:

R09 (v 1.9) Beta 1
- New Shape Generator
- Colorized Faders, Buttons and Fixtures
- Added new options on Editpatch, Color, control Fixture , Cuelists and more
- New option to find Nodes on Settings
- Option to see channels in %
- New Faders design solving Android 6+ problems
- Solved lot of bugs and issues

- 4 Universes
- sACN (e1.31) Support
- New DMX-IN that also support control of submaster through 1st Univ
- New Patch Editor
- Possibility to switch NumPAD to standard notation or RPN mode
- Option to share shows
- New Cuelist options (Loop with Times, Wait Time, Tap tempo on Loop mode, Jumps and AutoGO on Normal mode, New cue Grid for better edits...)
- DMX out visualiser (in DMX test)
- Added integrated menu button
- Better FAN an FINE control
- Solved lot of issues

- RGB or CMY color chooser
- Submasters Master on Tablet mode
- Possibility to tag Channels (Touch & Hold on channel number)
- Solved all know issues

- Added Tablet Mode (settings)
- Added scrollables subs, cues and playbacks (max 99 of each)
- Added Continuous broadcast option and possibility to limit number of output channels
- New "Record Stage" option to record all output parameters
- Added "configurable multiplier" to accommodate buttons & faders at your fingers
- Added WIPE ALL option on File
- Added LTP Instant option on Submasters
- Important changes in run priorities (manual is on the way)
- Solved previous know issues and others

- Added CueList TAB
- Added facilities to control complex Fixtures (Using d4 compatible personality Library)... Macros, Fixture Groups, Fan,....
- Added 16 bits resolution Based on Patched fixtures
- Solved some functional problems and bugs
- Solved some visual aspects

- Now is possible to set names on submasters (Touch&Hold on submaster number)
- New Node mode to capture ArtDMX packets (Touch&Hold on new top-left icon near Grand-Master). Don't works on 2.1 and 2.2 HTC devices due to know issue with Broadcast receiver (see. http://
Anyway It should works forcing Unicast from source to these devices.

-Solved an important bug related to insert bad data on settings page.
-Added new multiselect function on channels tab (just active and Touch & Hold to configure) Ideally to manage Led panels or multiples fixtures at once.
-Added Flash functionallity on submasters (Active it with Menu > Play|Rec)
-Evoluted (but no definetily) multitouch on submasters tab (now GM is accessible also flash buttons)
-Changed the way to record/edit/delete PB in order to gain more space for PB's (just one Record button... Touch Rec button then PB to record or delete it if programmer is empty, Touch&Hold then push PB to Load PB on programmer)
-Added option on Settings to leave screen always ON
-Added buttons +/- as a Faster way to Change times on PB settings

-Added Multitouch features on Submasters and PlayBacks Tabs
-More options on PLayBack Buttons (Fade IN, Fade OUT and MIN value added.
-Solved some appearance issues

- Visual Aspect is now based on numbers of Channels, Submasters and PlayBacks that device can integrate on it display (no more layouts for devices)... Just change it from the menu settings after first instalation .
- Test Dmx is now integrated on the menu options

Quick Stats

10 months

since last update