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* Experience easy orientation in Bilkent University today!

* The application is developed with the aim of helping the Bilkent University staff and students move around the campus comfortably.

* Enjoy faster access to necessary information about living on campus. Check whether a restaurant or a cafe on campus is open or not easily, and check opening - closing times. Moreover, navigation to all premises on campus, including the restaurants and cafes is made easier through Google Maps integration at the application.

* Know the time it takes for the shuttle buses to leave or arrive to campus. Check the time remaining for the bus to leave, take a friend and go have something in the city.

* Developed by "The CS Family" :
- Abdullah Wali
- Erin Avllazagaj
- Figali Taho
- Sarjeel Yusuf
- Waqas Rehmani

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