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Are you smart enough to crack the code? Hone your logic skills solving color codes at hundreds of different levels of difficulty. Customize the game board to suit your aptitude. Be challenged by a unique puzzle every time you play. Slip deep into thought on your way to intellectual triumph and a top score.

DeDuce is the *only* Mastermind app that has level-adjusted SCORING (makes scores between difficulty levels comparable),PLAYER HIGH SCORES, PASS-THE-PHONE mode for 2-person matches (Pro version only), and that is completely CONFIGURABLE allowing you to create literally hundreds of different game boards at the touch of a button!

Many players will remain challenged and entertained by the
Free release. Others may wish to gain access to Matchplay mode, hundreds of additional configurations and ad-free gameplay by upgrading to DeDuce Pro.

Begin game play on the default board by placing colored pegs
in the first row in an attempt to match the pattern of colored pegs behind the blinder. The game scores each row, awarding black score pegs where you match a code peg color and column exactly, white score pegs for a color match that is not in the proper column. No score pegs are placed by the game if your row has not matched the code pegs in any way. See game help documents for more information!

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