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Earth Map Live is just like a Real Global Satellite like a Live earth map of 3d earth globe You can visit live earth map online and live maps for navigation and route direction. The gps maps traffic alerts and live navigation is available in this Earth live satellite hd map app. This satellite viewer provides live maps satellite views to visit some famous places in the world. Gps live maps navigation and route directions works like traffic updates app or quick route finder. Earth map app can guide you to visit traffic jam map or get easy driving route, the latest gps route finder can completely guides as an easy route finder. Traffic finder can provide you map and navigation and map for driving and you on map location to street address find. This gps driving route finder is available as a gps navigator. It is not only a road navigator for car drivers but it is a navigator with awesome other virtual tours. This navigator for driving is useful in unknown area for exact traffic route finding and navigation. Set your destination point and get gps navigator map with road position. Click traffic signal button it will show traffic road position as it is for low traffic or higher. Earth map satellite is an exact navigation driver for you which shows you navigator maps traffic and road position.
In live earth map if you want to visit virtual tour of Africa get all historical places in historical sites button. South Africa with historical places and other famous places of all countries of the world can be globe explore in Earth Map Live- Real Global Satellite & Navigation. The route explorer works on global positioning system and gps coordinates therefore it can also provide full zoom map. Now you can get map update for traveling in this best earth map app. This map navigation and directions not only live map world but provides you live map view of roads. This navigation system app can guide you as gps route finder map. In Earth Map Live- Real Global Satellite & Navigation 2nd activity world wonder can get you beautiful and wonderful objects of the world. This can view on map street view as live location as you are at that place like a virtual tour of wonder places. After view this global gps tracker with traffic updates there are awesome historical places of Africa.
In live map app Global app has 4 types of world satellite map street view and highbred view of map and terrain view. In live drive map on click of live map location it shows your real time location as a live map real. Earth map hd is best earth map app because it shows high quality live satellite map. Now in final I hope you have used thousands of route apps and navigation for android available on Google play but earth map live is really a live map app.Earth Map Live- Real Global Satellite & Navigation is useful for virtual tour of famous places of Africa and wonderful places of the world. Same time real tour and route finder for any place which you will search.
Earth Map Live- Real Global Satellite & Navigation Features:-
Virtual tour of famous places
Historical sites of Africa
World wonders
Live map with road position update

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