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->The story revolves around them in a sad and a happy part of life.
About Drama:
Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan, the line is too deep only if we go into that depth to feel it. The title itself defines the beauty of the concept of this drama very well. It focuses on that point of view according to which words can never do justice to the true love. You can never define or explain it in words, when it is there then its existence itself is enough to express that love. It will be felt by heart and the soul. That’s what is happening in the case of Murat & Hayat, whose story started with a fight and still going on in the same manner. Whenever they use words, they mess up things and start fighting, unable to reveal their actual feelings for each other.

On the other hand, love has its various forms, and another great form of love is friendship. A unique bond of friendship is shown in this story where Hayat is living with two of her best friends, named Asli & Ipek. Their friendship is too sincere and strong and in that friendship they have proved it so many times that they can do anything for each other, considering other`s problem as their own. No doubt friendship is the strongest bond ever if it is true and free from evilness.

Talking about evilness reminds me of the villain of the story who was constantly trying to keep Murat away from Hayat & finally she succeeded by throwing her trump card. This villian-ish character is Didem. Who was model at Murat`s company. After reading the facial expressions of Murat and Hayat regarding the feelings they possess for one another, Didem started plotting against them to keep them separated. At 1st she was established as a comic character but with the passage of each episode, her character started turning seriously “Villian-ish”.

When Murat and Hayat were at the point of confessing their true emotions for one another in front of each other, that was the time shethrew her last card which was the biggest hit to destroy anything. She with proofs, claimed that she is going to become the mother of Murat`s Child. Murat, being a child deprived of all the love of parents he deserved, as his mother died when he was young and his father went for second marriage while his second mother never liked him, now got emotional when it came to his child. He never wanted him to suffer the way he did. So in order to give his child all the love on this earth he decided to marry Didem, although it was quite a challenge bearing that woman. Hayat on knowing this at 1st thought he betrayed her unsaid emotions but then she realized the actual reason behind his such step and understood her well. Murat and Hayat went through many ups and downs uptill now, which are surely part of life, and are still going through many, but nothing could ever affect their true feelings for one another. And that is called true love where words are usually not required but the feelings should be true to be felt easily by heart and the soul. Let the souls and heart talk and mouth be silent.

To know what further twist comes in the “non-confessed” love life of Hayat and Murat, keep watching Pyar Lafzon mein kahan, every Friday & Saturday..

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