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This is a Phone tracker or Location tracker for Tracking the movement of your phone or device.

Install this App to your target phone to track its location.
You could monitor or track the target phone with a browser all you need to do is to remember the target phone ID, which could easily be sent from the application.

Alternative usage could be to place a phone into your car to track its location.

Help keep track of your kids or aged parents.
Once installed the app will run hidden in the background and auto start on reboot. Do not need to on your GPS, but you need to enable "Use wireless networks"

This App is optimized for maximum battery life, target phone will hardly notice any decease in battery life. Does not depend on GPS for location, uses Wifi and cell towers of the carrier to determine phone location.

Require the minimum number of permission for this type of Application
1) Storage to keep track of phone location
2) Your location, so as to be able to know it location
3) Network Communication, - to let others know where the phone is
4) System tools to run in background.

To stop the tracking just uninstall the app.

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