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Another nostalgic classic blast from the past. Frogger -Top for all the retro gamers and fanatics out there!
By the same developer that brought you back from the 1980's these classic tabletop games emulations: Astro Wars, Galaxy Invader, Blip and Invader From Space and others. We are proud to present Frogger, originally released as Frogger by CGL and Coleco 30 years ago. This was another very popular game to have in the home. Before home computers and consoles, this was one of the must have games.
This game needs not much introduction. Everyone should have heard of it. This particular tabletop version used a VFD display (a kind of LED) . They were before LCD games became popular but are brighter, and colourful. They don't make them like this any more. These types of machines were made by companies such as Grandstand, Tomy, Entex, CGL, Tandy, Bandai and Epoch to name but a few.

This is an accurate emulation of that actual device. Screenshots show actual app version in action and original box artwork based on the actual real tabletop box. See how close to the real thing it is! Everything has been recreated from the sounds, graphics and behaviour. There are a few minor alterations with this app version. - The game modes (A and B) have been removed as there wasn't much point in this. Instead it always starts on game A and later switches to game B automatically. This means as you progress, it gets more challenging and fun. The sound button has been removed as this is not needed. Everything else has been painstakingly analysed and replicated. It is safe to say that this emulation is about 95% accurate to the actual Frogger device.

The object of the game is simple: Get the frogs home to their dwellings avoiding the cars and using the logs and turtles to jump between. You only get 3 lives so don't get squashed or taken by the river. The aim is to get the highest score.

• Optional "zoom" to enlarge controls and zoom in main display unit (ideal for Phone).
• Accurate simulation of the classic handheld /tabletop machine
• Full retro sounds
• Simple and addictive
• Totally nostalgic emulation
• Simulated LED effect

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