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We recognize that one requires a good deal of discipline to protect his personal data for his day-to-day routine.So, in order to bring control of your mobile data, mobile hardware, plenty of other stuff, and allowing user to hide this app and hit it some kind of gene which resides in your mobile protects and protects your personal information.
This app facilitates you to store your all personal data safe and secure and don't permit other users to access them. Data is secured with login password. Create as many users as you require for your personal data for different user group and besides it is packaged with whole of your personal data protection instruments. And incognito mode allows hiding your app and make it some sort of gene which resides in your fluid and protects your personal information.

-Controls your personal data like contacts,messages, call logs etc.
-Control over mobile hardware like Bluetooth, WiFi, Volume, GPS sensor etc.
-Controls multimedia files like pictures, videos, music etc.
-Different user groups, which add multiuser capabilities to your device.
-Let you cloud backup and restore any time from local and cloud storage.
-Different spy modes.
-Simple, clear, easy-to-use interface.
-Manages different groups intelligently and it eats too less battery.
-Smallest, light weight, the smartest and the most effective one.

Are you the one, who wants to get his device for everyone, without any worry of his personal information?
Wants to limit the features of his device for other users?
Wants to add other multiuser features to his device?
Here BitBug is your best option, believes us.

*How exactly does this work?
-First on app install create an admin user account.
-Then, it takes some time to optimize itself for operating at blazing speed.
-Then Goto 'Add User' Tab.
-Then enter name, which does not hold any blanks.
-Afterwards that, select the contacts you want to cover.
-Later, choose multimedia files you desire to hide in this user group.
-After that choose the settings you want to limit their access to that user group.
-After successful creation of this user group, go to 'Home' tab and change to that user for managing your personal data and other contexts.
-Change back to the admin user group, or change over to some other user group and so along...

- Switch to admin mode before uninstalling this app. Otherwise it wil result in the loss of your personal information.
- This app does not carry any ads to create the user experience better.

This app is in its beta version, and then report any matter if you face to the developer email address. We'll thank you and will strain to solve that bug as soon as possible.

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