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** NOW playable with Virtual Reality head mounts like VROne, DodoCase, Cardboard, Dive, Homido etc. **

Join this great multi-player shooter game with your friends. Or just join random online game.
Lets see who is the best monster. If you survive for long before you get killed, you become super monster and then the fun begins.

Monsters multi-player is an Augmented reality game which you play on Live Game Board directly on your table or in your room on the floor. This gives you totally new experience in playing multi-player game.
** Live Game Board required to play, see notes below **

Control the game with your bluetooth gamepad for maximum comfort. Note that some controllers may not be supported on some Android versions.

Game offers also Vuforia Smart Terrain feature which lets you to customise game with real world objects.
Place object like cans or boxes around the Live Game Board and let the game to scan it.
Objects will be recognised and turned into

Towers - when you keep close to tower it will shoot enemies for you
Life Wells - it will charge your life or shield when you get into it
Portals - act as a gate, it will transport you to the other portal. There are always 2 of them.

“When you play the game with friends it makes it feel like it is all happening in front of you. All game is laying down on the floor, you even want to touch these monsters. Now with smart terrain we can customise the game and make it each time totally different. It's now even more fun...”

To get Live Game Board visit where you can download game board for free for self printing (black and white print is perfectly fine, make sure its good contrast). To get great large scale playing get the bigger board in the shop.

Download more free games as well to play on live game board at


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