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This is the only app which will show real time charts for US listed stocks which includes stock listed on NYSE, NASDAQ .The app has the following features :
1) Realtime / Live Intraday chart updating instantly.
2) Supports about all of the indicators used by traders
3) Different strategies to show live buy and sell signal.
4) Supports all different types of pivot points used by Intraday traders like Camillira, classic, etc.
5) Support and resistance area based on trading in last couple of minutes to hour. The range is very useful for an Intraday trader.
6) Notifies you and will alert you based on different criteria, like when price goes below a specific price or goes up when price goes up or volume goes up, or breakout happens.
7) App support its own charting language using which new indicator,alert and strategies can be added . To write any customized indicator,alert, or strategies, the user can contact our company and we can write it for you, and it can be added without re-install.
8) App supports historical chart and shows recommendations on live chart.

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