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This game is made to play against the computer (phone) only. When you are alone this will be the real companion you want to spend time with.

Why Should You Download It:
1: It is a simple and easy to play game.
2: If you don’t know anything about cards, DON’T WORRY, you will learn in no time.
3: You will surely have fun when you play this cool game.

How Points Are Given:

When one of the player’s hand is empty, then that player gets points according to the ranks of the remaining cards of the other player.

Rank (8) = Points (20)

Rank (1 - 10) = Points (1-10) [Except rank 8 ]

i.e., Rank 1 = Point 1, Rank 2 = Point 2, so on.

Rank (11 - 13) = Points (10) [i.e., Rank 11 = Points 10, Rank 12 = Points 10 and so on]

Note: A= 1, J = 11, Q = 12, K = 13


Please download this game and play. Please share it with your friends, colleagues, brothers, sisters, parents (and enemies :) ) however possible by a share button included in the game.

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