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As a registered LiveSchool Parent, you can view aspects of your child's education in real-time as they are recorded by teachers in the classroom such as:

- Attendance
- Homework completion
- Participation in class
- Behavior growth
- School spirit
- Character
- School culture

Schools all around the world are using LiveSchool to enable students to electronically earn points for encouraged behaviors and deduct points for discouraged behaviors on a school-wide standardized set of expectations. These points accumulate in an account where the students can redeem them for rewards such as:

- School store items
- Field trips
- Popcorn, pizza, ice cream parties
- Admission to school events
- Lunch with the teacher
- Homework passes
- Toys, prizes, etc.

You will be able to see all of the points, associated comments, and rewards your student earns throughout the day in the timeline as recorded by the teachers.

View your student’s LiveSchool bank account in real-time and the rewards your student is eligible to earn.

What is LiveSchool?

LiveSchool is an edtech startup helping to make school more engaging and fun for students. When students are engaged in school, learning improves. We help your child’s school engage every student with positive, consistent behavior systems.

By using LiveSchool, teachers and administrators can gamify behavior improvement for students. Our points and rewards system is designed to help teach students the connection between hard work and earned success. Students and parents receive continuous feedback via the LiveSchool app or weekly printable reports. Finally, you will have behavior documentation you need to support students’ improvement.

Use LiveSchool to support your student this year. Download the LiveSchool app now to get started!

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