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Welcome to a new style of live wallpaper. This live wallpaper transforms your android device into a cool medium for bubbles to continuously float upwards. Fully customizable, you can express your own style with this live wallpaper.

-Nice, smooth wallpaper animation
-Low CPU and battery usage
-Fully customizable
-Two bubble styles to control
-Control everything from the width of the circles' outlines to the background color
-Works great on all resolutions
-Great customer service

Tips & Tricks:
1. Try setting the background opacity to something close to 1% or 0! It can look pretty cool.
2. Don't want a border on a circle, or maybe want a circle to be hollow? Set the opacity to 0.
3. Try out the elastic mode! This mode helps add an extra dimension to the wallpaper.
4. Setting the refresh rate (this is what determines how fast the app refreshes what is on the screen) to a lower value makes it refresh more often which can cost battery.
5. Feedback makes the difference!!! If you have a problem with this app, please contact us and we'll do our best to fix the problem as soon as possible.

What's This?

Hey, I saw in the color selection menu that there was a slider bar titled opacity. What is that?
-Opacity is how non-transparent an object is. Full opacity means no transparency. No opacity means full transparency.

There are more circles on the screen than I specified in the Max Circle Count preference. Why is that?
-This can be caused if you have the touch response feature turned on. If you touch the screen with this turned on, a new bubble will be formed regardless of the limit.

What's this thing called the "Screen Refresh Delay?"
-The screen refresh delay controls how long the app waits between "re-draws". This can have a big impact on how much battery this app uses. NOTE: A low value means the screen will redraw more often and use more battery. If you don't know how to use this, just stick with the default. This setting is for power users.

Do you want a new feature? Ask for it! Contact our support team at

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