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How's the weather today? That is the question you wonder when you wake up. Weather is the important information for new day. you have the weather app in your phone to do that for you but it's so boring because you just see the number and some picture. But all of that will change with this awesome app: Live Weather Wallpaper.
So what make this app be so awesome. First, you can still see the weather today and the weather at the moment, too. But the thing makes this great is the live wallpaper. If outside is raining, your phone live wallpaper will be raining too. Sunny and then your phone live wallpaper will be sunny too. So the live weather wallpaper is the reflection of the real weather out there.
You can still see all the weather information, temperature, climate and many things else. But now in the lively way. You can see if windy weather, the tree on the live wallpaper will be flown by the wind too. You can touch the bird to make it fly away. You can touch the tree to make it shaky. Anything on the live weather wallpaper can be interact. Very funny and great. If dawn, the sun will rise up slowly. If sunset, the sun will go down behind the mountain. This app will bring you the weather inside your phone through the live weather wallpaper. You can still see the weather information and the weather effect at the same time. Hope you will like it.
- Easy to use app, just set the live weather wallpaper
- Show the weather at the moment in real time
- Live wallpaper to bring great experience about weather
- Anything on the live wallpaper can be interact to bring the best to you
- Show the weather base on your location
A great live wallpaper app about weather, beautiful and unique. Thank you for using Live Weather Wallpaper

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