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❀Sunflower Live Wallpaper❀ is a brand new app for your mobile. What you need is a picture of sunflower on your screen. This beautiful “Sunflower Live Wallpaper” photos show you sunny fields covered with beautiful yellow sunflowers! You can't look at sunflowers and feel sad. Their big bright faces almost seem to be smiling at you on a summer day as they slowly turn toward the sun. Enjoy beautiful free wallpapers on your screen. Get the best app for your new Android™ mobile.

★ Awesome fireflies effect.
★ Interact with fireflies.
★ Panning, zooming effect(kenburn effect).
★ Ability to change wallpapers every 5 minutes.
★ Parallax and Rain drop effect.

Sunflowers make people happy! It is a rare soul that does not like watching astonishing sunflower. A simple flower, sunflower is loved for its delicate beauty and elegance as opposed to more colorful blooms. It is its ordinariness that makes these flowers distinct and lets them stand out from the crowd. Download ❀Sunflower Live Wallpaper❀ awesome app and enjoy the summertime nature. Find your favorite yellow flower and beautify your phone screen with fantastic pictures of sunflowers.

Sunflowers have a large flower head, usually with a large, almost black central part which is made up of thousands of tiny florets that later become seeds set in a spiral pattern. The petals are typically bright yellow, although some varieties are orange or red. Sunflowers are very beautiful flowers and are used for decoration. Sunflower plants can be your free wallpaper or screen saver. Magnificent sunflower is recognized worldwide for its beauty. Find ❀Sunflower Live Wallpaper❀ on app store and download it right now. Get this breathtaking “sunflower wallpaper” which is brand new on the market, and enjoy the beauty of nature with these stunning blossoming flowers. Share free wallpapers with your friends and family and enjoy beautiful “flower wallpaper” on your phone screen!
Wait no more, wonderful sunflower images are a click away from you! Download ❀Sunflower Live Wallpaper❀ and see sunflower seeds on your phone screen. Beautiful yellowish “live wallpaper” is waiting for you. This magical summer flowers pictures can be a perfect gift for your best friend who adores sunflowers. These awesome “flower pictures” bring you the most amazing yellow flowers. Yellow is symbol of happiness, the sunflower is a symbol of devotion and loyalty.
The most well known trait of the sunflower is probably its heliotropism. The flowers buds turn to face the sun, but, contrary to common belief, the mature heads do not. The buds face east in the morning and slowly track the sun across the sky. After dark, the heads reorient themselves to face the east again. See “sunflower pictures” in each position.
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